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Do not Eat This menu After Exercising

Do not Eat This menu After Exercising
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Ladies , once you realize that activities such as the gym was fruitless and never slim ? All of that might be due to your wrong choice of food .

Nothing prohibits you eat after the gym , really. It's just that you also have to be careful choosing the food you eat .

Foods that are high in protein and has a good fat ( avocado and nuts ) is a smart choice menu to the menu after the gym . Protein and good fats will help repair muscle and replenish your energy that has been lost . However , not all high-protein foods that may be consumed after the gym . Like for example the following foods :


Apparently still not too heavy , but what used to be the bread you choose ? Bread with cream and cheese may not be the right choice because it will make your exercise futile .

Avoid sweet bread and white bread because of the high calorie content . Better to choose whole wheat toast with peanut butter or a banana .


You may Cereals low fat admitted that he was ( and probably true ) . But look at the sugar content in it . Some cereals even much higher sugar content than a packet of chocolate you know. For it is better to carefully choose cereals .

Fried eggs

Well , it is tempting and rich in protein yes . However , as quoted from handbag.com eggs are processed by the high -fat fried evil . It is recommended for those who want to eat better scrambled eggs or boiled alone .

Pastry - pastryan

Nah , let alone eat pastry after the gym . Hmm ... increase how much longer the actual calories you burn already had ?

Sugar and fat contained in it will make you hungry , so do not hold fast to eat again and again . In fact , you 've just hit the gym and burn calories .


Better to choose unsweetened fruit juice smoothies instead . The content of sugar in smoothies just high enough so that you do not satisfied and want to add your meal .

Congratulations slender , ladies .
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