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Why Married Goes After Fat? This answer !

According to recent research , the more you are happy in a marriage , the greater the chances you will accumulate fat .

Researchers from Southern Methodist University , USA , studied 169 couples who had been married for 4 years . Researchers also measured their weight and ask if they are satisfied in their marital relationship .
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The result , researchers found that happy couples in marriage are likely to experience weight gain . While those who are dissatisfied or unhappy tend to experience weight loss .

" For every increase in satisfaction , either individuals or couples , body mass index ( BMI ) also increased an average of about 0.12 every six months , " said lead researcher Andrea Meltzer , as quoted Dailymail.co.uk .

This increase is equivalent to a woman who weighs 54 pounds and gained half a pound ( or 0.22 kg ) every 6 months . Although weight loss was not immediately enlarged , but this increase could occur with long periods of time .

Meltzer stated , the people who are unhappy in marriage can manage your weight better because his mind is focused on divorce and want to appear attractive in the search for a new partner .

However , Meltzer cautioned that these results do not prove causation and association .

Not only that , a recent study from Ohio University found that wives tend to gain weight after marriage , while men are relatively slim .

That's because most women stop taking care of themselves for the husband after marriage . It was also able to explain why men generally gain weight if the divorced spouse.

" Clearly , the effect of marital transitions on weight changes differs based on gender . Divorce for men , and marriage for women , encourage weight gain is large enough , then pose a health risk , " said researcher Dmitry Tumin .

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