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Frozen Food Makes Even More Slim

Frozen Food Makes Even More Slim

If someone said that the food was cold can make getting fatter. Well, it's a big one. 

According to Loyola University, instead of frozen foods (low-fat) can make you stay slim and healthy. Why is this so? 

Low-fat frozen foods provide nutrients that the structure remains unchanged. The number of calories was not increased. In contrast to the warm food menu, plus it's generally been that increasing the number of calories. 

"In addition, this frozen diet helps you save time, money, and control the amount of calories in the body," said Jessica Bartfield, MD., As quoted from indiatimes.com 

In the U.S. alone frozen food is popular because most practical and rich in nutrients. Even for those who are undergoing a diet and want to lose weight, Jessica recommends selecting frozen food. 

"On average frozen food has 200-350 calories," said Jessica. While the average daily calorie requirement of the body between 1000-1800, depending on body weight, age, height and gender. 

For those who need a high calorie but fear fat, can add pieces of fresh vegetables or fruit in every food menu. The goal is sufficient calories and protein needs, without making the body into excess fat. 

With the above research, also answered questions about drinking ice water is said to make a distended abdomen. 

Cold mineral water will not make the stomach becomes distended, unless you add some syrup in it. 

Happy dieting, ladies.
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