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Vitamin C It Make Slim Body

Vitamin C It Make Slim Body
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Ever heard tips to drink lemon juice after eating fatty foods ?

Well , it was not any tips you know , ladies . Assorted fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C may help kick the fat .

Natasha Turner , ND , author CHATELAINE , said that the fat in the abdomen and pelvis can be kicked with the consumption of vitamin C. " Vitamin C is known as supplement diasup everyday . And he took an important role in balancing blood sugar levels , " said Natasha as quoted from Yahoo Shine .

According to the study , vitamin C not only boosts immunity , but also can help the body to stay slim because it can control the sugar levels in the blood .

Consumption of vitamin C recommended maximum of 1,000 mg per day . And those who take vitamin C in the recommended amounts , proven cholesterol content decreased .

" Vitamin C and glucose have chemical structures that are quite similar . Currently equally high numbers , they will be competing for admission on opposing cells , " he added . This is why cholesterol and eventually excessive glucose can be reduced in number .

Do not abused !

However , it does not mean if you want to be thin then you should take vitamin C redundant yes . However , all that excessive consumption can cause certain side effects .

Consumption of high doses of vitamin C , more than 2,000 mg per day can cause diarrhea , nausea , abdominal pain up .

Still recommended dose of vitamin C daily is 1,000 mg alone . You can get it through supplements not only instant , but also through fruits such as oranges , apples , guava , strawberry , melon , watermelon , bananas , and so forth . And vegetables such as broccoli , tomatoes , and so forth .

Slim with vitamin C

Obviously vitamin C is not necessarily directly make instant slim body . Balance with diligent exercise and consumption of vitamin C obtained through fresh fruits and vegetables .
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