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5 Strategies To Not Hungry When Diet

Full longer is one of the keys to successful weight loss . Fuller for longer may help you control your appetite . Given the hungry person will tend to eat all the food in sight , regardless of whether or not the food is healthy .
5 Strategies To Not Hungry When Diet
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Often hungry is not good for your diet

There are several reasons why starve it will not help your efforts to lose weight , including :

When hungry , you will tend to eat more quickly and in large quantities , thus making the body of potentially excess calories into fat deposits .
The longer you are hungry , then the hunger will get worse . Ironically , you also need more food so that hunger can be reduced .
When you feel hungry too often , food can be the most dominant thing in your mind . In a more severe level , you will be obsessed with food and no mind other than eating and eating .
Often hungry can also slow down your metabolism . As we know that to maximize fat burning , metabolism should be increased rather than slowed .
Of the four reasons above , put himself in a condition to starve when the diet is very counterproductive to the purpose of the diet itself.
Well, so you are not stuck to starve while dieting , there are 5 healthy strategies you can apply so that you can feel full longer .

Breakfast Foods Rich in Fiber

Eating fiber-rich foods at breakfast could be a good start to lose weight . In addition to digestion, fiber foods also help the stomach full longer .

Examples include fiber foods , cereal , oatmeal , beans , fruit salad , yogurt and much more .

High Protein Food Consumption

Foods with high protein content is digested more slowly in the body , giving off energy periodically , and make the stomach full longer . Foods that contain high protein you can get on the fat-free meat , fish , chicken breast , protein shakes , soy and dairy , and so forth .

Healthy snacking

Who says the diet may not be snacking ? People diet actually recommended for snacking . Provided consumed snack high in protein and low in carbohydrates . Examples of healthy snacks during the diet is boiled peanuts , almonds , yogurt , fresh fruit and vegetables , and a variety of other foods that contain high protein and practical to carry anywhere .

Eating more often in Small Portions

Diet 5-6 times a day in small portions and very low calorie diet recommended to maximize . This diet is still better than you eat 3 times a day in large portions and high-calorie .

By eating more often then your stomach will not have time to feel hungry . Eating more often also effective to increase the body's metabolism , so you can burn more calories throughout the day .

Expand Drinking

There are two important reasons why it is highly recommended to drink multiply when dieting :

First , drinking water can make sure your stomach is in a state of satiety . Sometimes the stomach can not distinguish between hunger and thirst . It is therefore advisable to drink several glasses of water before eating .
Second . Drinking water can help with the digestion of fiber you consume , as well as preventing the digestive disorders that are often faced by people who are dieting , namely constipation .
Well , the 5 strategies above you can now stomach full longer and do not need to starve while dieting .
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