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Best Types of Chocolate For The Body

The news about the benefits and advantages of chocolate certainly is not foreign to our ears . However , not infrequently also said that eating too much chocolate can cause acne . Which is correct ?

Said Andrea Giancoli RD , spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics , as reported by Shine , that chocolate is actually much more useful . In addition to helping protect the heart and improve mood , antioxidants in chocolate are good for skin beauty . However, not all types of chocolate have such great benefits .

So , which one is the best chocolate for the body ?
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Milk Chocolate

This type of chocolate contains more flavonoids and a little more milk . Usually cacao in it only 40 % of the total , the rest is milk , dried fruits or a variety of nuts .

Clear sweet taste , and the most well liked . However , it should be considered as well , the amount of milk far more than chocolate , so the amount of fat.


If indeed you are a fan of milk chocolate , select the cacaonya levels high enough . Do not spend it in a day .

White Chocolate

This type of chocolate actually contains no cacao at all . Similarly nutrients , at least among other types of chocolate . The benefits that can be enjoyed from the white chocolate is calcium in it . The rest is just a sweet taste , and the taste of the milk is delicious .


Fear of fat ? This type of chocolate is to be stricken from your shopping list . Select only the chocolate with a high cacao content , rather than just sugar alone .

Dark Chocolate

Well , obviously , this chocolate contains high cacaonya . And in the market , there are different levels of cacao content . Each brand is usually different . There are up to 50 % , there were 60 % and some even 85 % and of a bitter taste .

This type of chocolate flavanoidnya highest among other types of chocolate . Nutrition and benefits are also automatically higher . Dark chocolate , ideal to be your friend when dieting .


Use dark chocolate to make the cake , or other foods when dieting . Every now and then , you know it is OK to do, rather than syrup you consume far more sugar and no nutrients .
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