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Does Water Ice Making fattening Agency or stomach becomes distended ?

This question is very interesting and very often questioned by many people who are dieting to lose weight . Many assumed that the fat will freeze if exposed to water ice .

Many examples of what happens when food begins to cool and the fat starts to look clumping , especially if stored in the refrigerator . Many of these things make this information more spread in the absence of adequate information .
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One thing I often say , those who believe that water ice freeze fat , is that they can not distinguish the fridge with the human stomach . Ice cubes , placed at room temperature only, with temperatures of 20C , will melt . How could that piece of ice just is not able to maintain its shape as the ice cubes , can actually make another substance freezes ?

The question is, when the ice / cold water is introduced into the human stomach , with a temperature of 37C ( much hotter than room temperature ) could still freeze fat ?

We see from the scientific standpoint , when we drink ice water , and after that we urinate . Are we still cool urine ? Or turn into warm ? Of course we will be warm urine right , which means that the body will warm the water ice / cold that goes into our bodies before ( not the freezing ice water in our body fat ) .

Now we are a little play with simple logic .

Water ice example we consider the temperature 0C
Our body temperature is 37C
It takes 1 calorie to raise the temperature of water by 1C 1gram
For example, we drank 400 grams of water or 400ml
For example, we drank 400ml of ice water and we had to increase the body temperature of 0C to 37C , the body needs to burn calories by 14.800 calories . Or in units of calories that we used to know it , we burn 14.8 Calories .
If one day we drink 2000ml of water ice , then we will burn about 74 calories . ( Calories = 1000 calories ) . In 1 day 74 Calories may not be visible , but in 1 month it was meant 2,220 Calories .

Surely losing weight can not only depend on ice water course , still needed a healthy diet and regular exercise . But this time you already know that drinking ice water was not fattening , actually helps to burn calories !

So Enjoy Your Ice Water :)
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