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Beware , Fruit Diet Can Cause Heart Failure

Fruit diet may be able to lose weight quickly . But it turns out when it's done long term , it threatens the health and lives you know.

Diet fruit , known as ehretisme , often used for detoxification . This diet can actually harm the body when done in the long run .

Beware , Fruit Diet Can Cause Heart Failure
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If only consume the fruit , the body will not get the intake of other nutrients , says registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics , Marisa Moore .

" Protein is one of the main ingredients that the body needs . Useful protein to build muscle , skin , and organs , " said Moore , as quoted by CNN .

It is also common in body fat . Although fat can be turned into evil , but fat also has an important role in the formation of hormones and brain function .

Fruits contain a lot of natural sugars , which needs to be controlled by insulin in the body , said Moore .

Pancreas to release insulin will be served . The pancreas then working too hard if the body receives excess sugar .

The pancreas is working too hard , not matched with adequate caloric intake . This causes the body into starvation and lead to severe dehydration , heart failure , and osteoporosis .
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