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Oh ... Burn it Hard , Baby !

Oh ... Burn it hard , Baby !
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Yes baby ! Sex can be a great workout for everyone . You must already have heard that lovemaking can burn calories , in addition to vent your passion and your partner . But if you only do the missionary position continuously, what can you " burn " ? Come on , ladies ! As Cosmo woman , you need to provide " enlightenment " through variations in position when making love . And so you get an idea , here Cosmo describe how many calories can you burn the actual start of the presentation " appatizer " to " dessert " .

PREPARE FOR THE Hotness ( ± 103 calories per hour )

Prepare Your super sexy lingerie and fantasy while waiting for him . when the he arrived , pairs of favorite songs and start dancing . Well , already know the Cosmo -style dancing of course do not just shake the body . Attach your body as close as possible to Mr . Happy and rub gently . Where your hands will be directed ? It's up ! Which obviously do not forget to whisper naughty invitation to her ears and add a little kiss on the lips and neck .

Bonus : according to sex therapist from New York , Barbara Bartlik , dance it can be used as a warm-up session that can make women more aroused and " wet " with ease . Oughh !

HOP IN , BABY ... ( > 400 calories per hour )

Having started the warm-up session with sexy dancing ( fully clothed ) , now starting disarmed him clothes and your own ( 8 calories per ½ hour ) . Once you completely nude , for this session so much " heat " to perform sex massage ( 80 calories per hour ) , give him a hand job ( 100 calories per hour ) , oral sex ( 200 calories per hour ) , to start making- out sessions ( 476 calories per hour ) . A little tip , oral action while trying to do push - ups . And according to a Los Angeles sexologist plus author of the book Red Hot Touch , Jaiya Kinzbach , the room temperature , the calories burned will be more , just like Bikram yoga .

IT 'S ROCKIN ' TIME ! ( > 288 calories per hour )

Wohooo ! Turns lovemaking can burn approximately 288 calories per hour . That is tantamount to eliminating chocolate cake you eat for dinner , dear . The key to burning a lot of calories is actually quite simple , just making it hot and last . Add too little moans and sighs that would provide an additional 18-30 calories . Want more heat ? Try references are quite extreme sex positions following :

The Hobby Horse ( 120 calories )

Ask pairs to lay back on a chair and set it so that part of his body parallel to the floor . Use his feet as the horses and sit on his crotch . When the big O come , bend your legs back and locks on his thigh .

Tip : Never touch the floor !

The Twister stalemate ( 96 calories )

Never play Twister ? Well, this position is almost similar . Position your body at the bottom , use as a pedestal foot , and an arm around his neck . Couples can maneuver from the top with his hands and knees as a footstool .

Strictly Ballroom ( 96 calories )

Ever see two people dancing on the dance floor where the woman wrapped her legs around the waist of the man and the man whirled along the track ? Well , did it move when having sex with him .

On Your Mark ( 96 calories )

Lay the body on the bench and lift the leg up as if forming the letter L. Meanwhile, the couple can do great maneuver to position your back to the floor .

The Wheelbarrow Race ( 96 calories )

Put your palms on the floor and ask the couple to lift the body and hold your thigh as a footstool . After that , ask the him do it doggy style , but while standing .

The Hang Bang ( 96 calories )

You 'll need a chair and an object to be located above the handle . Ask the pair hold above the door and put his feet on the seat . When he's hanging , go in between the thighs , butt grip , and action!

COOLING CUDLING ( ± 68 calories per hour )

After " working hard " , now is the time to enjoy " dessert " is tempting for the body to relax again . Do not forget the romantic cuddling session after sex and planting a small kisses you start from the eyes , the lips ( off course ) , neck , shoulders , until his chest still panting . Ouugh , the he definitely will instantly embrace you and may the next round will be resumed . Still could , dear ?
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