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4 Mistakes That Thwart Diet

4 Mistakes That Thwart Diet
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Regulate food intake actually help the success of the diet . However , unfortunately often people rush and one practice tips diet so the weight does not go down , and even pain suffered .

Well , let's solve the problem we see again . It turns out there are four mistakes that often make dieting so fail.
1 . No breakfast

Had or had not , depends on the intention and the way you manage your time . However breakfast can not be underestimated and set aside for granted. Precisely breakfast to be one important key to the success of a role diet program .

This breakfast will be a source of energy for us when on the move all day . So it is very important to choose what foods should be consumed . If you want to maximize your energy and do not want to fail your diet , choose menus that can make such a long time satisfied in protein and low carb .

2 . I can not put the brakes on fatty foods

Does not eat rice , but menus fatty never miss in your menu . Well, this is wrong . Actually diet food that's set into the body in a balanced way . Foods that are needed by the body in appropriate portions and not excessive .

When carbohydrates are cut and turned out to be precisely reproduced fatty menu , then you will not find a weight loss point .

3 . Salad is not always safe

Thinking that eating salad alone is safe . Hmm ... think twice ! Although the basic ingredient is a vegetable salad or fruit , but there is still such a mixture of mayonnaise , cheese , sweetened condensed milk or dry bread that increasing the number of calories .

And what often happens is , felt that the salad safe to consume excessively . Do not control how many calories you entered . As a result , the weight is also not go down .

4 . Restricting calorie intake

The excess calories are not good . But if the deficiency is not well know.

The body needs many as 1200-1500 calories per day . Calories are used as energy to perform daily activities . Well , if this is restricted calorie intake is too tight , then the energy in the body can be reduced . No wonder if the body is too easily tired and even so easily hurt .

If the food is set up correctly . Do not forget to exercise as well yes , Ladies . After all muscles of the body need to be trained to stay healthy .
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