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7 Ways To Not Snacking

7 Ways To Not Snacking
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The habit of snacking , especially at night , often the accused for the failure of a diet program . However , it is true . If snacking is not controlled , the weight will come down hard .

Duh , how ya how to avoid snacking ? Just follow these seven steps to avoid snacking at night .

Step 1 : Do a flurry

Surely you have a hobby , right? Either reading or doing something fun . Well , so as not snacking , divert your attention by doing busyness so you better focus on your activities and forget about snacking .

Step 2 : Write down on paper

Pour the desire to snack on paper , and write also what will happen if you are snacking uncontrolled lust . By doing so you will be aware that you have to control appetite and not eat excessive snacking .

Step 3 : Do not forget breakfast

Bad habits when we forget and miss breakfast . In fact , breakfast is the main source of energy for activity throughout the morning . Skipping breakfast will make us easier hungry and want to eat this and that .

Step 4 : Drink water

Actually, the body is often confused when distinguishing hunger or thirst . Sometimes when the body lacks water , then take the body is hungry . No wonder right after eating only a few mouthfuls stomach feels full immediately . Well , this is where the actual body of the wrong signal . Supposedly the body is hungry , but we think of hunger .

Step 5 : Chewing gum mint flavor

Mint is said to suppress appetite and make instantaneous full stomach . At least it can help us to resist cravings for a moment until the meal arrives .

Step 6 : Do not keep snacks on the table

Save a snack at your desk or near your fishing you will be to eat something . For that, clean the desk and away from food . It's good to just put food in the kitchen , in the refrigerator and dining table only.

Step 7 : Immediately toothbrush

At nightfall usually desire to snack increased. To fix this , go to sleep 2 hours before brushing teeth . You will feel more fresh and ngemilpun lost appetite .
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