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5 Diet Tips on Holiday

Diet Tips on Holiday

Holidays have come , of course, lots of delicious food menu we want to eat . And while on vacation , tend to follow a diet program is also off . Right?

However , in order to stay awake and ideal body , so do not let the diet fails . Cobain just following diet tips so that the body remains slim , holiday fun too .

Tip 1 : Climb up to the top of the mountain

Mall not always be the right choice for a vacation ? What if we try hiking alone , perhaps near your home there are interesting hills . Carrying a variety of food for a picnic , you can also burn calories by walking and hiking. Well, if so you do not need to bother to calculate how many calories in the food you take . Wrap some boxes of chocolate , cheese and donatpun not matter .

Tip 2 : Chewing gum

If you 're full , but the mouth feels reluctant stopped its activity , then chew gum with mint flavor . Think this will help curb your cravings . So you can put off until the next mealtime .

Tip 3 : Play the game alone

While we were hanging out with the family so usually we forget ourselves . Consequently bag of cassava chips manispun we spend alone . Ouch : (

Well , rather than your hands busy with chips earlier , the better to invite family and friends to play the game alone . The desire to snack because you are eventually forgotten fun playing.

Tip 4 : Eat fruits

Already available are many delicious food on the table , hmmm ... so tempted . So you do not eat like crazy , better eat fruit first. Fruit will make your stomach is full , so you will not take excessive eating .

Tip 5 : Walking alone

Since you 're on vacation , so you have plenty of time to walk away . Leave a personal vehicle and the mileage you travel by public transport so that you can still walk . At least walking will help you burn 100 calories the body .

Happy holiday , ladies ;)
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