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5 Slim Natural Recipes From India

5 Slim Natural Recipes From India

Ever watched the beauty of the Indian people 's body which always looks fresh and fit ?

Well, actually their secret is in the spices they use , such as :


Is curcumin , an active ingredient that is contained by turmeric and helps to reduce the amount of LDL ( bad cholesterol ) in the blood . Naturally , turmeric also helps control blood pressure , improving blood circulation and prevent heart attacks .

Because of its ability to combat and reduce the bad cholesterol that is , drinking turmeric may help the body stay slim .


Seasoning this one might be better known as an herbal seasoning . However , in India has been commonly used as a spice in the kitchen . Helps to increase metabolism and burn fat in the body . In addition , cardamom is also good for improving digestion so that you are often difficult to Chapter or experiencing constipation .


Capsaicin , an ingredient in red peppers that help burn fat and increase metabolism in the body . Usually , after consuming the body will feel hot peppers , here after 20 minutes pengonsumsian , calories will be burned .


One of the ingredients that is effective as a fat-burning garlic . This spice also contains anti - bacterial benefits both to reduce bad cholesterol and unhealthy fats .

Curry leaves

The leaves are commonly used as one of the main spice in curry dishes in India . It smelled like curry aroma is thick and special. This leaves helps reduce fat and the amount of bad cholesterol in the body .

If you have excess weight , then you can eat 10 curry leaves every day . Either drink , or mixed into dishes .

Well , it is easy also . In addition to eating delicious food menu , you can also reap the effects of healthy and slim at the same time .
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