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5 Mistakes that Make Dinner When Body Fat Added

5 Mistakes that Make Dinner When Body Fat Added
Many people avoid for fear of fat dinner . In fact , you should only eat food at sunset . Just pay attention to what goes into the body . Many do not realize there are habits that may be trivial but this is the factor that makes you gain weight at dinner .Nutritionists Lawrence J. Cheskin , MD , director of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center and Melissa Lanz founder of The Fresh 20, as quoted by the Huffington Post , advised to avoid some wrong habits at dinner , namely :

1 . Dinner with Big Portions

According to the USDA at dinner required 450 and 625 calories , according to figures dietary needs 1800 to 2000 calories per day for women . Lanz argues , " Nutrition should be a light supper , a good portion of which are under 500 calories . "

2 . Avoid Linger in the Future of Television

Watching activities are always accompanied with a snack . It is a habit that is wrong . When the focus on the screen without realizing hands do not stop taking snack . Cheskin says this is the biggest problem , and he advised the people to separate eating from other activities . When eating , sit down at the dinner table and just focus on what you eat . This will make a full and satisfied faster .

3 . Excessive salt consumption

Sodium salt can lead to excess weight , this is one factor to gain weight . Try replacing them with flavorful spices such as black pepper powder fresh .

4 . Dinner on the Road

Many people prefer to leave the house for a good dinner with family or friends , because practical . Cheskin advised to not more than once in a week eating out . Restaurants usually tend to offer foods with high caloric content derived from salt , fat and sugar especially fast food .

5 . Eat Dessert

It feels less complete dinner without dessert , but the selection of sweet dessert menus are increasingly making calorie intake increases . Do not eat dessert like cake or ice cream after a big meal out of habit or tradition , but think of your body . The desserts also make your blood sugar spike and make you want to eat continuously .
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