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5 Ways to Back Healthy Diet After Eating Too Much

5 Ways to Back Healthy Diet After Eating Too Much
Invitation to eat at the buffet restaurant or the buffet at a wedding reception often makes us go crazy and eat all the food presented . After eating excessive guilt came. Diet weight loss previously disciplined run so it feels pointless because it can not control the emotional eating .

But it is not the end of everything . Occasional overeating will not make you become overweight or obese overnight . " Eating too much for a day may affect your ability to lose weight , but does not necessarily make your weight go up , " says Keri Gans , RD , author of The Small Change Diet .

So what can be done if it has been eating high -calorie foods and fatty foods too much ? Let bygones be bygones , but correct the ' mistakes ' you with a better diet . These are five things that should be done immediately after overeating , as quoted from the Women's Health Mag .

1 . Fixed Breakfast
Just as in the evening has been eating a lot , does not mean that in the morning you have to skip breakfast because of stomach still feels full and bloated . Breakfast in the morning is still important to reset the body and keep your metabolism steady. It also restores the body in a neutral state ( prior to overeat in the evening ) . Choose a light menu , such as fruits that contain lots of water and fiber or low fat yogurt .

2 . Drink Lots of Water
White water serves as a ' clutch ' which will control your food cravings after eating excessively in the previous day . Because water makes the stomach feel full so you will not be too much to eat in the next day . Drink at least two glasses of water in the morning , and continually late morning and afternoon , at least eight glasses a day .

3 . Vegetable Salad for Lunch
The water content in vegetables keeps you hydrated and get rid of nausea or ' drunk ' as food . Besides vegetables are also rich in fiber which helps digestion and remove toxins through the dirt . Nutrient content in vegetables can be directly used by the body to carry out the function of the organ , so that the performance of the lighter body . Make sure the salad contains fresh vegetables with low calorie dressing and olive oil or vinaigrette dressing .

4 . Eating snacks in the Afternoon
Snacking in the afternoon of emotion is important to keep your metabolism remains smooth and normal . Afternoon snack also prevent you from overeating at night . What is a healthy snack and ideal ? Handful of toasted almonds , salad , wheat crackers or dried fruit . Limit portions , not too much .

5 . Cook Your Own Dinner
Remember , you have a lot yesterday evening meal in the restaurant or a wedding reception that may contain a lot of sugar , salt and fat . So try to eat at home the day after the ' party food ' . If the food in a healthy way . For example, skinless chicken breasts are baked , boiled potatoes , cooked brown rice and sauteed vegetables .
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