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Drinks the Most Effective Weight Loss Accelerate Diet Today

Drinks the Most Effective Weight Loss Accelerate Diet Today
Want to get the slim body or lose weight ? Add tea beverages in your daily menu . Tea has long been known as a nutritious beverage maintaining health . But scientists discovered another benefit of tea , which is a weight loss .

Based on a meta- analysis of studies that reported results will be published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , tea contains antioxidant catechins and caffeine . Two combination was shown to increase energy and fat burning .

In the study mentioned that people who consumed green tea and caffeine while undergoing a weight loss diet , reduced body weight for 12 weeks more than those who did not drink tea as a daily menu . Another study conducted in 2011 also showed that tea catechins rich could increase caloric expenditure by 100 calories for 24 hours . Green tea , white tea and oolong tea is believed to be the most effective type to lose weight .

" Each one cup ( 150 ml ) of tea can burn 25 to 30 calories . And each 240 ml can 40 calories . Comparison, this is equivalent to burning energy by jogging for 10 minutes ( for those weighing 45 kg ) , " says expert nutrition Emilia E. Achmadi MS . , RD to wolipop , some time ago .

If you want to try , you can begin to sip tea every day at noon or afternoon . But remember , do not add sugar , milk or cream to tea because the results will not be optimal .

Drink a cup of hot tea without sugar , and make sure the products tea ( brewed or dye ) that you consume comes from real tea leaves . Tea consumption should be limited to only three cups a day . More than that , the body can actually become dehydrated because tea is a diuretic ( increases the frequency of urination ) and disrupt your sleep cycle ( tea contains caffeine which increases alertness ) .
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