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6 Effective Ways to Burn Fat in Stomach

6 Effective Ways to Burn Fat in Stomach
How to burn belly fat ? Abdominal fat is a type of fat is actually the most dangerous , because a large waist line is an indicator of the presence of disease , such as heart disease and diabetes .
To destroy belly fat , it takes more than just sit- ups !

Accumulation of fat in the abdomen occurs when high levels of cortisol . Stress is a major cause of high cortisol secretion . When this happens , cortisol breaks down muscle and put it in the storage of fat in the abdominal area . Stress can be more severe when coupled with diet wrong . Studies show that the stress caused by the wrong diet can increase cortisol levels , and will not make any changes to your belly fat despite doing calorie restriction .

So , how to burn fat in stomach ? Try the following six things to get a flat stomach :

1 . sleep
As quoted by Forbes , if you want to love staying up late or sleep until late at night , think again . When one of your biorhythms , you will end up eating more. When the body feels tired , you produce more ghrelin , which triggers a desire to eat sugar and other foods that contain fat . Leaving bedtime can also change your hormone production , affecting cortisol levels which cause insulin insensitivity , the main factor is getting accumulated belly fat . Sleeping seven hours a day is one of the best things you can do for the formation of the body .

2 . A short workout
1,000 sit-ups per night may make your abdominal muscles stronger , but with a full layer of fat , you will not get the desired results . Beyond all the sit- ups , do exercises that involve multiple muscle groups and your cardiovascular system work . Please give a push - up position , with arms placed on the floor . Try 3 or 4 sets to hold it for 30 seconds . You can add it to remain active throughout the day moving all day and do not be lazy to walk .

3 . Sugar is the biggest enemy
Fight belly fat in a healthy diet required 80 % . Reduce calories to fill your stomach with protein , vegetables , grains and replace bad habits eating snacks with healthier foods . For example , if you want to eat sugar , the trick is to sprinkle cinnamon on coffee or eating oatmeal that has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar .

4 . vitamin C
Vitamin C helps to balance the surge of cortisol on your body . In addition to being a way to fight the flu , vitamin C is also important to make carnitine , a compound used by the body to convert fat into fuel . These vitamins make your friends in burning fat .

If you are going through an emotional crisis , stress from work or a poor diet , the intake of vitamin C will help fight the negative side effects . Try peppers or kiwi fruit , vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C more than oranges .

5 . eating fat
Yup ! You need fat to burn fat , because sugar is what makes you fat , not fat . Good fats found in foods rich in Omega 3 , such as salmon , avocado and walnuts . These foods are foods full of nutrients that help you feel full throughout the day .

6 . Slow breath
It is a simple method that can be used even when you are doing other jobs . Most people who are experiencing stress usually breathe with a fast tempo . After recognizing how the tempo of your breathing , relax and slow down the stomach 's breathing . This will work better if you focus on slow exhalation of breath rather than taking a breath . At each exhalation of breath , you can remind yourself to slow it down . All of these steps are simple but very effective !
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