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Burn Fat With These Foods 5

Burn Fat With These Foods 5

One of the things which make people misunderstand is ' eating always make fat ' , but if we know and can choose what foods are balanced, the body needs , then we can also keep the weight off with the food .

In fact , diet and nutrition experts proves that some foods can actually increase your metabolism and help you lose weight and keep it balanced. With a record , you also do the right exercise program yes .

Well , whatever the hell that food can help keep the weight balance ?


Some people are even afraid of eating nuts because they contain fat . Yeap ! True , indeed nuts also contain fat , but not all fats are bad you know. Remember that there are good fats and bad fats in foods and the body . Well , the real nuts are a super food that contains energy needed by the body . By eating nuts , we also balance the levels of triglycerides . Triglycerides itself is a kind of fat that can trigger heart disease and high blood pressure .

Another plus , when eating nuts , we 'll feel full longer . Well , actually there is a chance for us to control the amount of food we eat , right?

Spicy food

Being a controversy of its own when spicy foods help you lose weight , because on the other side too spicy food can also damage the stomach .

However , the lead content of capsaicin in chili spicy flavor is proven to help burn calories . In another study , also found that eating spicy foods can help reduce the potential for heart attacks and strokes . And in another study , it was found that capsaicin can slow the spread of cancer cells , as quoted from Sheknows.com .


The old adage ' eat grain apple a day keeps us from disease ' is true , and not a figment. Apples contain pectin which is high in pectin which can help limit the absorption of fat in the body . Besides itul apples are also rich in fiber which helps digestion so that more smoothly . Antioxidants may help keep the body's metabolism .


Do not trigger hate oatmeal before benefit. Rich in fiber and other nutrients , oatmeal helps reduce the potential for heart attacks and fighting bad cholesterol . When eating oatmeal , tend stomach will feel full longer . And , according to experts , eating oatmeal all you will get more quality sleep and soundly .


Eggs are the best protein source for dieters who avoid the consumption of red meat . Even so , those who have high cholesterol levels should not consume eggs too much , its share remains to be seen .

An egg , contain at least 6 grams of protein which is the source of energy for the body during activity . No wonder if they are diligent athletes eat eggs .

Well , set your menu back . Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and enter the menus at the top in your daily menu . Then , do not forget to calculate how many centimeters your waistline before and after trying the above tips
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