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How Fat Burned ?

How Fat Burned ?

On this occasion I would like to ask something to you . Roughly according to you , how you disposed of fat in the body ? Is the drinking continued fat burning supplements fat in your stomach will be transformed into something that is discarded when you defecate ? Or the fat in your arms and thighs will be converted into a sweat ? Such thinking was indeed already become common knowledge . That when we sweat when exercising that means fat excreted through sweat . That was a mistake .

Briefly, the fat in your body , it will not be converted into a sweat or water . Do not expect your body to be ideal by way of sweat I've also been told several clients , if that sweating could attenuate , please wrote basking in the car park without having to turn on the air conditioning . In fact it can not make the right lose weight ?

The point is , fat in your whole body , can only be discarded if your body requires energy in which energy from the food we eat is up . Fat in the body will be transported into the muscle cells , to be used as energy , when the energy of carbohydrates or sugar is up . So do not think fat is converted to water , sweat , or something else ?

When is energy from carbohydrates or sugar it runs out ? This condition only occurs when you wake up the morning , on an empty stomach , and you move / exercise being . Not heavy exercise . Examples of moderate exercise is brisk walking . Another condition is that if you do exercise in the afternoon in a long time . More than one hour . Where the power of foods , sugars , carbohydrates have been exhausted and after that will use the energy from fat . Remember that fat is POWER BACKUP , which would not be used if the energy of carbohydrates or sugar is still there .

Hopefully, this review describes the mechanism of burning fat so you can reach the ideal weight quickly .
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