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Celery , Crunchy Vegetables Celebrity Idol to Stay Slim

Celery , Crunchy Vegetables Celebrity Idol to Stay Slim
Many people do not like to eat celery because it smells a little ' unpleasant ' . But behind the smell of ' rotten ' , which is often used as a vegetable in the soup mix , soup and salad turned out to ' best friend ' for you who run a weight loss diet .

Celery is often a healthy snack during the diet because it contains only 2 calories in each trunk . Besides celery is also rich in fiber and water content .

Many celebrities who rely on celery as a snack when hungry or on the sidelines during the night . Start of Rosie Huntington - Whitely to Kim Kardashian , proudly posting their healthy snacks to keep the beauty of the body , namely the photo via Twitter celery .

Private Chef Jennifer Aniston also revealed that his client was diligent eating celery to get the body you've always healthy , youthful and stay slim . Jen also often eat celery instead of junk food snacks . Gwyneth Paltrow is also included in the list of celebrities who are fond of chewing celery to maintain ideal body shape , because of the nature of Celery is low in calories .

Not only from the actress , the singer was loved . Katy perry for example , love to dip celery sticks into the salad dressing as a guilt - free snack . While Rosie Huntington - Whitely would rather enjoy celery in liquid form ; made ​​smoothies , juice or soup .

Why celery is quite popular among celebrities as well as dieters who want to lose weight ? Here's why , as quoted from Female First :

1 . Celery is one of the foods with low calorie content . One rod , contains only two calories and fat free . So we can be sure are safe and will not gain weight during consumed in fresh condition .

2 . Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C , potassium and iron paint . Celery also contains folate which merit strengthens the immune system .

3 . Helps you feel full longer because of the high content of water and fiber . Crunchy texture that makes you more chew so meal times longer and make you eat less . Perfect addition cud also activates enzymes that help digest food .

4 . Celery is also beneficial to make sleep more soundly . Celery juice is believed to help you fall asleep more easily and sleep because they contain a variety of vitamins and mineral salts . Do not like the smell ? Mix celery with wine , then blend until smooth . Add mint leaves to taste fresher .
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