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Fitness Class for Women , Burn Hundreds of Calories in 30 Minutes Only

Fitness Class for Women , Burn Hundreds of Calories in 30 Minutes Only
Only women are allowed to join this fitness class . Promising more calories you burn just by exercising for 30 minutes . As with any form of exercise ?

Gym class is a trend in the UK is called Hiitgirl and designed based on the principle of high intensity interval training , which is a high -intensity workout . Participants were all female classes will follow the usual fitness routine exercises such as , but different is the way it is applied .

Trainer Gym will tell when participants had to perform intense physical exercise , and when to rest for a while . Each participant must Gym barefoot and there are large timer placed on the wall to help determine the times when they have to work out hard and when to relax .

To make the activity more enjoyable the gym , the type of exercise that is programmed varied each week . But all of them are designed to increase the heart rate and body shape . It could be a variation TRX exercises , using tools such as medicine balls , fitness ball , sandbags , jump rope or a trampoline . There is also a combination of push - ups , sit-ups , crunches and the plank to maintain the stability of the central part of the body .

Each class lasted only half an hour because of all the high -intensity exercise performed that stimulate the heart and burn calories faster . Participants also will increase the metabolism so that the body they can keep burning calories even when fitness session was over several hours .

Although no new type of exercise , but this program is claimed to lose weight and ideal body shape quickly . Each session lasts 30 minutes , will always make a difference in the body .

The class was developed by fitness expert Susan and Stuart Dyson . Starting from their desire to find ways to help busy women it can get the benefits of exercise in a short time . Susan and Stuart also wants to help women who feel intimidated by the atmosphere ' masculine ' in the gym in general . Therefore , they want to create the atmosphere of the gym more 'friendly' for women .

" After speaking with many women so obvious that they do not have much time or interest in a continuous cardio workout . Besides the cost of a personal trainer is also expensive . Most of them want to practice a short , but effective and user- female accompanied by an inspiring trainer , " Susan said , as quoted by the Daily Mail .

Benefits Hiitgirl join this class has been enjoyed by Arabella Weir , a writer and actress who became one of the participants in shower . In just a few weeks , Arabella has been a significant change in her body felt .

" I noticed a difference in my body shape just weeks after the workout . Flatter stomach and clothes I was wearing so much loose . People say that I look slimmer when wearing jeans . Honestly, that's what I want to hear , " said Arabella .

Gym class is new for women in the UK and is still quite rare. Hiitgirl new studio at four places , precisely in Harrogate , the city is famous for its spas and tourist destinations in North Yorkshire , England . What about Indonesia ? You can adapt this exercise with the help of a trainer at a gym where you are a regular gym.
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