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Diet bra , Designed For Women To Stop Eating Tasty and High Fatty

Diet bra , Designed For Women To Stop Eating Tasty and High Fatty
Women tend to eat delicious foods like chocolate , cake , potato chips and ice cream - a term popularity of comfort food - for a ' run ' of sadness , upset or stressed . Because consumed emotional eating , calories , fat , salt and sugar in foods high in these so unnoticed .

But now there is a bra that can help warn women not to forget yourself when eating comfort food . Microsoft developed this bra can predict when the possibility of a woman eating comfort food in excess and told him to avoid it .

As quoted by the Daily Mail , the high - tech underwear finding the largest software company in the world that has a sensor that is implanted in a small pouch inside the bra cup . This bra also comes with panels that can detect changes in heart rate , skin temperature and stress levels - which is often a trigger for overeating.

All data are then transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone application . So when the desire to eat cake or chocolate appears , the sensor will give alarm immediately .

Lead researcher and psychologist Mary Czerwinski said the creation of Microsoft 's bra will make people more aware of their maladaptive behaviors so they can replace them with adaptive behavior . Maladaptive behavior that is not able to adjust in the society that tends to be impulsive .

In his article entitled ' Food and Mood : Just-in - Time Support for Emotional Eating ' , Mary said in bra technology can help people to be more aware of what is happening at that time . That way , they can change the behavior to be more controlled . Not immediately scooped food when experiencing negative mood .

This bra Microsoft recently tested on four volunteers for four days , with Mary as head of research . According to him , the results are quite promising and high accuracy .

" Using this data , we can detect up to 75 percent accuracy stimuli and emotion 72.62 percent , " he wrote in the research .

Mary also explained that the reason people overeat is often associated with physiological and psychological responses . " Many people simply looking for a high -calorie foods such as donuts , when they are stressed . , But this tendency can be overcome , one of them with this technology , " he said .

Although the results are effective , this bra still needs some improvement . One is battery life . For the first experiment , the sensor and the panels are connected to its smartphone applications quickly depleted and must be recharged every three to four hours .
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