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Future Slimming Methods : Computer Chip Resistant Desire to Eat

Future Slimming Methods : Computer Chip Resistant Desire to Eat
In the future , a solution to overcome obesity and obesity may be done in a way that is more practical . Researchers in Switzerland are developing a computer chip that can be implanted into the patient's obesity or overweight to help lose weight .

The chip is claimed to examine fat levels in the blood , giving a warning when a person eats too much and releasing hormones that make the stomach feel full . This tool has been tested on mice and the results show positive signs . So obese mice eat less fatty foods and weighed down . When the weight is normal , the chip will stop working .

The journal Nature Communications reported that the chip contains two genes that work together to control the desire to eat . Genes are first tasked to monitor fat levels in the blood . When fat is too high , the gene will give a signal to the second gene to produce hormones retaining the desire to eat .

Is Professor Martin Fussenegger , the man behind this sophisticated invention . He said the chip also contains a combination of other genes which if developed could also serve to prevent illness.

If it works effectively , these chips could be an alternative solution is the use of diet pills should be consumed several times a day . This chip is also expected to replace the tummy tuck procedure , gastric bypass or liposuction in patients with obesity .

Until now , the chip shape is still not shown yet , reports the Daily Mail , the chip will be formed as small and comfortable as possible when in use ( the size of a coin that can be inserted under the skin ) . In the next three years , this chip will be tested in humans and is expected to be immediately used globally a few years later .
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