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Drink Before Sleeping Honey Can Eliminate 1.4 Kg week

Drink Before Sleeping Honey Can Eliminate 1.4 Kg week
Almost all women want a body that is proportionate , does not have excessive weight or too thin . Women who felt he was too fat to perform a variety of ways to shrink the waistline . Some women also stay away from foods that contain sugar or sweet .

Now do not worry , honey diet is a weight loss program that will cut up to 1.4 pounds of fat in one week . The Honey Diet or diet honey has been proven to improve metabolism and burn fat when you sleep at night .

Research conducted by Mike McInnes , a nutritionist from the United States , revealed that honey is a natural sugar that comes from one of the weight loss properties . Thus , honey can be combined with bread , biscuits , or puddings , which can be consumed daily but do not interfere with the sugar levels in the body .

Eating a tablespoon of honey mixed with warm water before going to bed can ease the night you want to eat a snack . McInnes explained , some women who have excess weight because of eating too much sugar and packaged foods .

" Low -fat food sometimes also have sugar or flour . This will increase blood sugar throughout the day . Bodies that have excessive sugar releases the hormone insulin that is stored as fat , " McInnes said as quoted by the Daily Mail .

According to him , some people can not diet because it is influenced by the ' hungry brain ' or famine that affected the brain so difficult to lose weight. Each brain cell is surrounded by ten or more ' feeder cells ' ( glial cells) which controls the amount of blood sugar in the brain . These cells function to ensure adequate levels of sugar .

According to some studies , if someone is eating biscuits , chocolate , or too many soft drinks can eliminate the function of these cells so that sugar levels will be excessive . Unlike when sugar is consumed natural sugars such as honey . Certainly will not make excessive sugar levels in the body . Honey also has many benefits, including :

- Provide more energy in the body when consumed before exercise .
- Eating honey can reduce weight adequately .
- Honey is a remedy for a hangover that was to take one tablespoon before bed as well as two or three teaspoons in the morning either in mixed with tea , wheat bread , or yogurt .

McInnes believes that the honey will reduce excessive appetite . Drink honey every night can also reduce stress and make sleep more soundly . In addition , the honey will trim the fat in the body and improve your digestive system .

To that end , McInnes suggested that mixing honey into hot tea every morning and drink a tablespoon of approximately 30 minutes before bedtime that will optimize your break . When on a diet of honey , you are also advised to reduce consumption of junk food , sodas , fatty foods , or food in containers .
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