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Happy Food To Lose Weight

The human body creates anti- depressants brain chemistry of their own in the form of serotonin . These chemicals will appear in smaller amounts in people who are stressed , depressed or depression , and that's why the anti-depressant drugs interact in our biochemical pathways to increase the level of serotonin , is artificial .

When people feel depressed , they will look for comfort , because humans will naturally avoid pain ( physical or emotional ) and looking for fun . People who fail in the diet tend to seek comfort from food -based carbohydrates , especially simple carbohydrates , because these foods provide high levels of sugar intake in an instant , but it also stimulates the process of spending ( secretion ) which gives the effect of serotonin happy or unhappy .

So , if you're on a weight loss diet , to avoid sugar craving or desire to consume carbs / sugar as a source of serotonin , has provided some natural foods that have the same effect in increasing serotonin or counteract the desire to consume sugar . Foods that are called as happy food because the effect is able to provide a sense of happiness , but of course good for your diet , such as: Bananas , Avocados , Grapes , Apples , Almonds , Brazil nuts, and eggs .

In addition , with the many demands of work and responsibilities assigned , we tend to experience that could be called ' hurry sickness ' . In fact we would eat in a hurry . For that , try to treat yourself better , because all the problems of the everyday can steer yourself in order to achieve your ideal weight . So , try to be calm and do everything slowly . By eating slowly , digestion and absorption of nutrients from food would be more optimal .

And last but not least, make sure you have time for yourself. It will fend off the urge to entertain yourself with instant habits , such as eating chocolate , candy , ice cream or cake with a layer of thick cream . Instead of eating all the food that it will increase fat deposits in your body , the better you evade the stress that you experience with meditation or doing your hobby . And make sure that your chocolate is no longer achieved to calm down , but the happy food as mentioned above .

So start taking care of and pamper yourself with the right way to relieve stress and pressure that you experience , so your diet will also keep running smoothly and optimally . Good luck !
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