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How to Shape My Butt ?

Every woman would want a tight ass , beautiful and sexy look . To get it is not as easy as snapping your fingers, but you can follow the following 5 easy guide to improve the results of your weight training .

If you have been doing the same exercise in a long period of time and did not get any significant progress, then you definitely want something new and different . Therefore try doing the following tips to freshen up your workout routine while optimizing your weight training during this time .

Do a squat movement with one foot forward , then stood with one foot in front , and the other in the back . Bend your knees and move the weight forward . Hold your legs on the floor behind you to survive . Repeat this movement for 10 to 20 times , then switch legs . This exercise will help form part of the buttocks and surrounding muscles and helps tighten.

Sitting for long hours have a negative impact on the body, especially the buttocks . In addition to that you are more active , made ​​several motions squat - stand or just a little stretching every 1-2 hours during business hours you will help maintain muscle tone buttocks and relieve tension from other parts of the body .

Repeat on all fours and lift one leg slowly upwards until your muscle feels tight . When you train your butt section with this movement , arm muscle strength will also be trained as to the movement , the arms that hold your body .

Piles of excess fat will worsen the appearance of your ass . Do not forget to adjust your eating patterns with a diet high in protein , low in fat and carbohydrates and sufficient vitamins and minerals which is the best way to burn fat on the entire body .

Perform exercises using the bench step- ups , boards or any place that you can use to perform this movement as high as approximately 30 cm . Perform up to 10-12 reps , alternating to the left and right leg up to 3 sets . Interspersed with 1 minute breaks every change set .

If you do some simple exercises above coupled with regular exercise to burn fat is with cardio exercises followed bebanyang , then you will not only tighten your buttock muscles , but also muscles of the thigh . So , with the buttocks and thighs , you look even more perfect .
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