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Much Chocolate Slim Fan ?

Much Chocolate Slim Fan ?
Chocolate seems to be no longer a scourge for women , latest research article states that chocolate fans are much more slender than that no fan.

But do not rush to buy up all the chocolate in the nearest supermarket after reading the statement above. Read first citation of research results the following experts .

Are researchers at the University of California , San Diego found that those who regularly ate chocolate had a much more slender body than are not . According to the data the researchers , BMI chocolate fans tend to be lower this figure .

" Chocolate is rich in antioxidants that provide a positive impact on the metabolism of the body , " said Beatrice Golomb , MD , Ph.D. , lead researcher , as quoted from Shine . According to research done through the media rats , flavonoids can help increase muscle mass and reduce body weight . And if the same effect is produced in the human body , it is true chocolate can help control weight gain and make the body stay slim .

Another fact found in the study revealed that those who love to eat chocolate tend to have a fear of fat . Thus, after taking most of the calories will do sports so her body does not swell . While those who do not eat chocolate , feels that his body is fine , and are lazy to exercise, but the calories are not only derived from chocolate alone , other foods also contributed dikonsumsipun calories .

Through this research , the reader is also reminded to be more careful in choosing chocolate . Most of the chocolate in the market is that chocolate is rich in sugar content , this is what causes the addition of quite a lot of calories while eating chocolate .

So , is it true chocolate lover slimmer ? Right! With the record , he also regularly workout to burn calories in the body so as not excessive in number .
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