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Already Diet But Constant Bloating ? This is the main problem

Already Diet But Constant Bloating ? This is the main problem
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Already doing the diet program, but still distended stomach ?

Patience , darling . Do not be hurried cranky when the stomach is never slender .

Abdominal fat is the fat belongs to one of the most recalcitrant . Develop a simple , but difficult to remove . Especially if you can not keep food menu and do athletics . It's impossible for you get rid of belly fat without exercise balance of diet and exercise .

But if you 've done both but still not working , check the cause. Could be , not fat that make your abdomen distended , but the food and drinks gas . After eating and drinking, generally in the belly of a gas produced by food or drink diasup . There came the gas that turns cause stomach becomes distended ( though the amount of fat in the body is normal).

For example, just like broccoli , cabbage flower , cabbage , onions, they are foods that produce gas in the stomach when ingested . Although the number of calories diasup not much , but foods that can make the stomach becomes distended .

Is Dangerous?

No. The gas is not going to last long in the stomach. Generally, to be released later fart or defecate while . Not dangerous , but enough to make you lose the charming appearance .

Still no cause other tablets !

Besides food, there are some other things that cause the stomach to be distended . The first one is smoking , chewing gum , skipping breakfast and eating too fast .

You know right what causes distended bellies ?

If you want to get a slim stomach charming, still run the program your diet , choose foods with nutrients that can meet the need of the body. Do exercise regularly to burn fat in the body , and chewing food 33 times , until the food is digested in the stomach Arriving good .
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