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Prescription Diet Drinks Jessica Simpson

Prescription Diet Drinks Jessica Simpson
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 Jessica Simpson never experienced obesity in which the body is far from ideal body shape as a celebrity . At that time , Jessica Simpson prefers to provide complete nutrition for their children , so her appearance to be number two .

However , until some time his body was likewise not return to its original shape . What then do the singer of the song I Wanna Love You Forever is up to her slender back ?

Harley Pasternak , a personal trainer hired by Jessica Simpson for the ideal body shape and restore back . With some special training , she trained to reduce the fat in some parts of the body .

Is it enough just that ? Of course not , it turns out there is one secret that helps restore the body beautiful Jess through diet drinks special potion .

Reaping the benefits of natural , Harley Pasternak encourages Jess to consume smoothies potion . Well this is the recipe that we managed to get , as quoted from Yahoo Shine .

ingredients :

5 seeds raw almonds

1 red apple

1 banana

150 ml plain yogurt

100 ml low-fat milk

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

How to Make :

Put all ingredients into a blender .
Blend all ingredients until destroyed at medium speed for about 30-60 seconds .
Add ice if desired , and enjoy while fresh .
It feels less hmmm ... there is little sense of Sengir caused cinnamon and raw almonds . But the effect is very good for the muscles so that you can help burn fat maximally .

In addition, the offset also with regular exercise at least 2-3 times a week . Congratulations slender Jessica Simpson style .
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