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Frequency of Sit Make Hip and Stomach Fat

Frequency of Sit Make Hip and Stomach Fat
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Scientists have stated that sitting all day every day will make the hip and stomach fat.

Well , no wonder it if you're going through it right now . Especially when you are office workers who work at a desk and less physical activity . Although already maintain food intake , body weight seems you do not also change .

Apparently, after doing research, it is customary to sit for hours every day that cause obesity uneven . Fat is generally only stop in the stomach and waist and hips alone . In fact , if you are not a person who likes to do sports , this condition will slowly cause the muscle to contract.

This is justified by a team of scientists from Tel Aviv University , as quoted from handbag.com office workers said that the difficulty of losing weight due to a pile of stubborn fat . The fats are long and wrap the muscles in the hips , stomach and waist . Forming layers that ultimately difficult to burn because it is too thick 

So whether this condition will last forever ?

Of course not . Actually fat can still be burned , just because a thick layer , you need considerable time and effort is much louder .

If you want to improve the condition of the body and become slim again , it is advisable to do some of the things below :

Tip 1 : stay away from junk food and high-fat foods

Tip 2 : drink 8 glasses of water every day

Tip 3 : at least had to walk 30-45 minutes , at least 3 times a week

Tip 4 : always do stretching in the morning or during the day behind your desk

Tip 5 : Better use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator

Tip 6 : bike to work is a fun way to get to work at once to burn fat

Congratulations slender back .
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