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Various Foods That Burn Fat

Various Foods That Burn Fat
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If food makes one worry would be fat , you have to hear tips from Dr. Carrie Ruxton . An expert said that this diet is actually not all foods are fattening . There are foods that can help burn fat .

Surely eating alone will not be enough , because the body also needs exercise . With a balance between incoming intake in the body and exercise , the fat will no longer be a threatening and frightening thing for women .

Well , for that , identify some foods that can burn fat , as quoted from this IndiaTimes .


Rich in nutrients and fiber , the fruit of this one was the champion ! Eating an apple at least 20 minutes before a meal , will make you consume fewer calories than usual .


Add broccoli boiled vegetables in your diet every day . Broccoli helps facilitate digestion and is rich in antioxidants . Giving a quick shot of energy and adequate daily requirement of vitamin C and K. In addition , broccoli contains vitamin B6 , B2 , phosphorus , magnesium , protein and omega - 3 .


Nut this one should not be avoided . Almonds are a good nut and actually help reduce cholesterol in the body and lowers blood sugar levels .


Capsaicin is contained in the chili , which helps burn fat and calories in the body when consumed .

Green Tea

Why green tea is recommended for a diet ? Because it is the composition of green tea can help burn calories .

Who says food can only make you fat ? By choosing foods that are nutritious and appropriate , slim body is not a dream anymore .
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