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7 Causes of High Cholesterol

7 Causes of High Cholesterol
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Apparently not just any food that has been blamed for cholesterol . No wonder if it even has a thin body , a person still has potential for cholesterol ?

When high levels of cholesterol in the body , it will cause a blockage of the blood vessels and various heart problems . Today, the threat of disease more frequently encountered cholesterol . What is the cause ?

Cause 1 : unhealthy menu

Often high cholesterol foods will certainly make cholesterol in the body is also high . Especially those who eat without being able to control the amount and not exercising . It is recommended to not eat too much red meat , butter , cheese , cake , and so forth .

Cause 2 : offspring

When in the order of your family have a history of illness cholesterol , you should be careful . Start to a healthy diet , maintaining a healthy weight and diet control diasup .

Cause 3 : overweight

Obesity is a sign of danger for people with cholesterol . Keeping food intake and appetite control was necessary . Always make sure your body to effectively burn calories every day . And it would be better if you keep maintaining your ideal weight .

Cause 4 : supine exercise

Those who daily sit quietly and rarely involve the movement of the body's activities , generally high levels of cholesterol in the blood .

Cause 5 : Smoke

Smoking also contributes an important role in the amount of cholesterol in the body . Increasingly unhealthy lifestyle , cholesterol levels will be higher .

Cause 6 : age and sex

Cholesterol levels generally increases when you turn 20 years old . Generally , will increase again until you are 60-65 years old . Before menopause , women tend to have lower cholesterol levels than men . However , after menopause , women have higher cholesterol levels than men .

Cause 7 : because taking certain drugs

Believe it or not , some medicines can increase the level of triglycerides in the blood . Therefore, before taking any medication you should consult with your doctor .

Cholesterol disease can be prevented by keeping a good lifestyle . Let's start a healthy life .
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