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20 % Women Feel Must Drop Weight After Childbirth for Husband

20 % Women Feel Must Drop Weight After Childbirth for Husband
Childbirth is the most memorable and happiest moment for most women . But tucked behind the concerns over her body shape . One in five women feel under pressure to restore her figure after giving birth . The reason , quite surprising , because the husband did not like the way they look.

The results of the poll showed that the majority of new mothers are concerned with their body shape , shortly after giving birth . Most of them claim to emotional instability , feeling stressed and pressured to look good and attractive .

This of course raises concern , especially among obstetricians , midwives and psychologists . The woman who had just given birth should be given more support morally . Instead of worrying or pressured to do something that is less important when he had to focus breastfeed and take care of the baby.

Polls conducted by BioOil - brand skin moisturizing oils - involving 793 women who were pregnant three months . Researchers asked what they thought about her at that time . Six months later, after they gave birth to the researcher returned to the respondent to ask the same thing .

The result is quite surprising , 20 percent of women feel no compulsion to return to form as the current physical before pregnancy because of pressure from their partner . Not only the husband , the other pressure is also coming from the media and other family members . In fact there setengh of respondents who requires himself to lose weight .

" I think this is actually quite alarming as this pressure is not important , which is currently the main priority is the health of her baby and how she overcame the physical and emotional changes after childbirth , " said Kathryn Gutteride , and clinical midwifery consultant at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals , UK , as reported by the Daily Mail .

According extremely important for women not to be too worried about his problem , at least for some time after birth . Women took nine months to give birth to healthy babies contain and perfect ; during that time also the minimum required to restore its original shape . It could even be longer than that .

The study also found that many women who are confused with the bodily changes that occur during and after pregnancy . More than 12 percent of the women claimed to be surprised when they do not directly distended stomach deflate after childbirth . Though it is a normal thing .

During pregnancy , the muscles of the abdominal wall and uterus will stretch to fit growing baby in the womb . After delivery , the abdominal wall can not be returned to its original state as soon as the rubber is pulled . Generally, women would still look like an eight to 12 weeks pregnant , during the three months after giving birth .

In the poll also revealed 20 percent of women said two weeks needed to shrink the stomach is distended , while 17 percent took a month . Three months required 15 percent of respondents and 27 percent took more than three months . After the muscles and uterus back to its original state , the study found it took more than six months for most women to lose weight and re-use their old clothes that had not fit during pregnancy or postpartum .

Approximately 40 percent of women also admitted prolonged concerned with their body shape in the first three months after birth . The average of those most concerned about the formation of stretch marks , weight gain , changes in body shape and size of the breast .
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