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Perform This Way To Not Always Fail At Weight Loss Diet

Perform This Way To Not Always Fail At Weight Loss Diet
Failure to lose weight is often due to a lack of commitment and discipline to a healthy diet . There is only ' disorder ' that makes a mess diets , ranging from advertising food / beverage enticing on TV , billboards display in the streets to call a friend to eat junk food .

Discipline yourself to follow a healthy diet is actually not too difficult . One way to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator . Should not be eaten , just seen it.

Recently, the researchers found that simply by sight or smell the scent of a healthy diet , can help dieters stay motivated to reach their weight loss targets . In an experiment , participants reduce chocolate consumption by more than 50 percent after inhaling the scent of fresh oranges .

While participants who choose salad instead of garlic bread as an appetizer , a little meal portions when eating the main course . Because the appearance of green leaf lettuce along with other vegetables that remind them of a diet program that is being undertaken .

Researchers from the University of Leeds , West Yorkshire , England said , looking even smell the aroma of fruit and vegetables can reduce overall food intake . The study, presented at the Annual Meeting of the Forum of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior also revealed , which is associated with healthy food diet can help a person improve his control of the meal .

Nicola Buckland , one of the researchers said when tempted to eat , dieters should wait a while , do not immediately eat it . Try to focus with brain sensors on healthy foods , for example, look at the picture and smell the fruit or vegetable salad .

" The signal that arises from seeing healthy food can be an instant reminder for those who are dieting . Or order a salad as a starter to help reduce the size of the meal , " said Nicola , as quoted by the Daily Mail .

Nicola also suggested to meet the serving bowl with fruit and store it in the fridge if you want more disciplined healthy diet . When traveling , always bring a box of food containing fruit or vegetable pieces in the car or purse .

The study also found the effects of healthy foods in improving diet discipline may be more pronounced when hungry . When given a standard lunch menu and offered a snack two hours after eating , participants who previously ate or saw no increase intake of fruit eating . From these findings it can be concluded , this method is more effective when a person is hungry and tempted to eat unhealthy food .
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