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3 Diet Mistakes unconscious

3 Diet Mistakes unconscious
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You may think that it is reducing the rice , break select menu carbohydrates and it is correct .

But apparently there are some errors in the diet that causes your diet program does not succeed you know. As the three following errors :

drinking soda

Whose name soft drinks , even if it is diet soda , it is still advisable not included in your diet . It is said he is free of calories , but then diet soda drinkers tend to eat uncontrollably .

" Thinking that his drink calorie-free , calorie finally charged on food , " said Sharon Fowler , MPH , as quoted from womansday.com . Here , choose the food to be less cautious . As a result , weight gain was not realized .

Wearing fork is too small

Still remember the method of Le Forking diet ? Are only allowed to eat food that could use a fork stabbed . Well , diets Le forking diet can be said quite successful , unfortunately there are errors that could cause the diet to fail . Is it ?

If you use the wrong fork , for example fork is too small , then this is also not good for your diet . " When the fork is too small instead of food consumed was too little , " said Arul Mishra , PhD . As a result , because it was not enough to eat , then the portion will be added .

Le Forking is good is to use a medium-sized or large fork . Eat slowly and do not rush , and feel any food into the mouth .

Replacing rice with potatoes

Some people think that with this then it could be slim . In fact , potatoes also contain carbohydrates also increase insulin levels in the blood rapidly .

Moreover , if it turns out potatoes consumed in the form of potato chips . Enk ... can already estimated how many calories you eat .

Be careful in running the diet program , yes Ladies . Proper diet is the nutritional requirements well . Does not mean not eating at all , or it should not eat this .
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