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Friends Fat Make Your Weight Increase

Friends Fat Make Your Weight Increase

A friend can transmit anything , ranging from happiness , sadness , including the potential for obesity . If you want to know who you are , see your friends and close friends . if your friend is fat , you are also potentially experience .

Obesity is socially contagious . If an obese person , then his friends will be more likely to gain weight as much as 50 percent . Thus the results of a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine as reported Newsmaxhealth . Another study published in the journal PLoS ONE in February, wrote that women tend to mimic the diet of his friends .

Research carried out on a number of students in 1994 and 1995 showed the same thing . The students in the study were more likely to gain weight if you have a fat friend . Conversely , students who have a friend with an ideal weight will gain weight slower and more prone to weight loss .

The results of this study indicate that the friend will affect your lifestyle , either directly or indirectly . Your friends are more likely to take courses gymnastics , swimming , join a yoga class , or vice versa , always invites you to a fast food restaurant to share a large portion of fries and three servings of ice cream .

So what if I have fat friends ? You are certainly not advisable to stay away , but you can reject his invitation to eat a variety of dishes are high in calories and unhealthy . If necessary , he took courses take yoga or other fitness classes . Healthy share with friends would be nice .
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