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5 Tasty Menu Foods Safe to Diet

5 Tasty Menu Foods Safe to Diet
Diet does not mean you should forget the delicious food . You can still eat the food tasty but healthy the right way . Here are some tasty healthy diet , and certainly does not make the body fat . As quoted from the Times of India .

1 . Fruit Smoothies
If processed properly , fruit smoothies can be healthy tasty drink . How healthy smoothies ? Consisting of fresh fruits without added sugar overkill . Combine fruits such as kiwi , strawberries , oranges , bananas , and anything you like with low-fat milk or yogurt . Not only satisfy your craving sugary foods , but also makes the stomach feel full .

2 . salad
Salad can also be a tasty but healthy food alternatives and low in calories . But avoid dressing that much fat and calories are not important such as mayonnaise or thousand islands . You can combine olive oil with pepper or balsamic vinegar , or mustard with other spices . Expand stuffing vegetables such as lettuce , tomatoes , cucumbers , broccoli , and other vegetables . You can also add pieces of boiled egg , tofu and nuts .

3 . roast chicken
Chicken baked in the oven is equally delicious with fried chicken , but much healthier because it has no extra fat from oils used for frying . Use fresh spices , instead of seasoning sachet or bottled in containers and avoid margarine and butter menakai as a smear . You can replace it with olice oil and pepper .

4 . Baked Potato
When dieting , the body still needs carbohydrates . But choose healthy carbohydrates , such as potatoes . French fries are not high in fat and calories , but a baked potato . These foods are low in calories , also contains potassium . Bake and eat potatoes with the skin ( remember to be washed with clean first ) to get extra fiber .

5 . Whole Wheat Bread
Bread made ​​from whole wheat flour contains fiber which is much higher than white bread . It also contains complex carbohydrates that do not make the body fat . Make whole wheat bread as a breakfast menu , brunch or a snack in the afternoon which was given stuffing lettuce , eggs or grilled chicken breast fillet .
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