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Breakfast Can Help Lose Weight , But Need to Know rule

Breakfast Can Help Lose Weight , But Need to Know rule
Breakfast is highly recommended as part of a diet to lose weight . Why ? Because breakfast can increase metabolism and make you go crazy at lunch .

Help lose weight , does not mean you can eat whatever the reason ' origin had breakfast ' . It should be noted also what foods are consumed and when the most appropriate time for breakfast . This is a rule that breakfast is more ideal body weight , as quoted from Fit Sugar .

1 . Breakfast , One Hour After Wake Up
You must set a proper breakfast time . When you wake up , pretty ' Arm ' body with a cup of warm water and lemon juice . Eat one hour after waking to maintain circadian rhythm ( 24- hour cycle in the physiological processes to determine sleep patterns and eating habits ) as well as more rapid increase in the body's metabolism .

Keep in mind , a good breakfast time is from 07.00 until 09.00 . More than that , the food you eat breakfast but no longer a brunch snack or brunch .

2 . eating Protein
Choose foods that are high in protein such as eggs , fish , chicken or wheat . These foods are not only low in calories , but also give you extra energy so excited in the morning and help you to not excessive at lunch . Never too often eat foods that contain a lot of sugar , such as pancakes or toast with jam jelly . Blood sugar will quickly rise , but also fast and fall so you will soon feel hungry again . As a result , any food consumed should more than they need .

3 . Expand Fiber
One key to losing weight is to eat foods that keep you full so do not want to eat food high in calories. For breakfast , eat at least 8 grams of fiber . If you have more time before leaving office , try making breakfast containing 10 grams of fiber and gluten-free , such as oatmeal porridge or sweet fruits .

4 . Note Calorie Intake
Important to maintain the amount of calories that you ate for breakfast . The recommended calorie intake of around 300 to 600 in the morning in order to keep the weight balanced. Therefore , choose low-calorie foods . Yogurt , fruit , boiled eggs and bread wheat is the right choice .
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