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5 Tricks Hold Your Appetite Without Excessive or Herbal Slimming Pills

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Restrain excessive appetite is difficult for some people , especially those who have a great desire to eat . But that does not mean it can not be done . Not by taking pills , herbal tea or slimming . These five ways withstand natural appetite , as quoted from the Health .

1 . Eat More Fat
Not trans fats or saturated fats from fried foods, ice cream or cheesecake . But healthy fats found in nuts , avocados , salmon and olive oil . Eating healthy fats is a weight loss strategy that is effective , as long as it is consumed in sufficient quantities . Research at UC Irvine found that oleic acid found in healthy fats help push the small intestine to produce oleoylethanolamide . That kind of components that transmit signals ' stop eating ' to the brain .

2 . Eat in Small Pieces
Cut up food so a smaller size can make you satisfied and satiated sooner rather than eating in large chunks at a time . In a study conducted at Arizona State University , USA , students were given a whole bagel consume more calories than participants with a bagel that has been cut into four pieces .

3 . Expand Physical Exercise
A study in Brazil found that physical activity such as fitness and exercise can increase the sensitivity of the nerves associated with satiety . Increasingly sensitive to satiety , then you will more quickly feel satisfied with the food consumed . Other studies conducted in Unibersity of Exeter shows , 15 -minute walk can cut snacking desires in the office by 50 percent .

4 . ' Play ' senses of Smell
Food mixed with the aroma of spices will help you eat less . In a study , the study subjects were able to resist the temptation to eat dessert after eating her food with a strong distinctive aroma . To control your appetite , you can add chopped fresh ginger , mint , cinnamon or basil leaves into the dish .

5 . Eat Slowly
You can slow down eating by chewing food slowly so quickly feel full . Eat slowly , then the mind away from the desire to consume large amounts of food . In addition , you can better enjoy the food that enters the body . The results of the study Univresity of Rhode Island found that people who eat slowly consume fewer calories four times per minute and full faster .
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