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A Sexy Way to Lose Weight

1. A Passionate Kiss.

Apparently, when making intimate with a partner, you can burn 68 calories per hour. In fact, according to sexologist Jaiya Kinzbach, if intimate session was conducted with a passion, then it could open the calories up to 90 calories per hour! Splendid!

2. A Romantic Dance.

Sexy romantic dance with him a powerful burn 103 calories per 30 minutes. Plusnya points, this could be the latest favorite foreplay session for you! "After the dance session, women have a tendency to be more excited," said psychiatrist Barbara Bartlik, MD. See, it's definitely worth to try.

3. A Sensual Massage.

From now on, do not be half-hearted when doing massage for her tenderly. Because when massaging, your heart rate will increase and make calories burn. The amount? 80 calories per hour! Tip of Cosmo, make sure you give slow massage, warm, and sensual. Trust me, this session certainly end up with a lot of maneuvering "hot".
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