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6 Ways Extreme Body Slimming

6 Ways Extreme Body Slimming

Think about how most insane person would do to streamline the body ! Taking the fat and cut the excess skin through surgery ? Ah , the usual . Some of these people are desperately trying an extreme and unnatural to get a slim body . Here are some of the ways they do .

1 . Injection of urine

Still remember with urine therapy some time ago that reportedly can cure various diseases ? Now urine is believed to be an effective slimming . But not just any urine , only urine of pregnant women who have such properties . Sheryl Paloni has proven to successfully dispose of about 19.5 kg of body weight and reduce belly circumference up to approximately 75 cm . How to diet ? By injecting urine into the body every day .

2 . Sex seven times a day

Making love is effectively burn calories and therefore can be slimming . This is not just theory , Pauline Potter , which was recorded as the fattest woman in the world by Guinness World Records , chose this method to lose weight . Claiming to have sex up to more than seven times a day , Potter managed to reduce the weight as much as 44.5 kg in one year .

3 . Installing drip tubes in the nose

Weird ways to trim continued to be made , and strangely there who wants to try it . Including this one , put the tube in his nose dripping fluid containing food source for the body . Liquid consisting of protein , fat and water amount of 800 calories will be dropped automatically at regular intervals throughout the day . This method is performed by dr . Oliver di Pietro of Florida , with the promise to lose weight up to 9 pounds in 10 days .

4 . Make the tongue sore

Iih .. There also are willing to suffer ya feel pain when swallowing food in order to eat liquid food rather than solid food . That is the basic principle of this slimming method . Stamp -sized sheet of polyethylene netting sewn into the tongue so that it will feel pain when eating solid foods . By doing so , dieters would prefer a more liquid foods are not fattening . This method promises weight loss as much as 9 pounds in a period of 1 month after the installation of the gauze .

5 . Forced to flee because of ' shot '

This is not bercandaan , obese people were forced to flee , jumping and dodging a way to use a paintball fired . UK call paintball paintball company fitness classes conducted for 10 weeks at a price of 199 pounds per person . Believed this way can burn 800 calories up to 1,000 calories in a single game .

6 . Staying at an altitude of 8700 feet for 1 week

Slim and maintained weight without exercise and still eat whatever you want is not a dream . It can be done if you want to stay at 8700 feet altitude place for 1 week only . A study involving 20 overweight middle-aged men to stay at the top of the highest mountain in Germany , the Zugspitze , which is 1000 feet high from sea level . Eat and drink whatever they want and not exercise , after a week they actually lose weight by 1 kg in 1 week . This is because the hormone leptin and grehlin that affect hunger and thirst are not moving , but the rate of metabolism experiencing surge . This means burning more calories than usual . But the body is always adapting , within 6 months of appetite can return to normal so that this method will be more effective if done on a regular basis only.
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