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Salt Diet Not Always Good For Health

Salt Diet Not Always Good For Health
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klinta.blogspot.com - Ever heard dietary salt yet ? Salt diet is a diet program that aim to lose weight by cutting out all sorts of paths that contain salt dishes . In short , we are asked to limit the intake of salt in the daily menu . Ouch !

Most people who have this salt diet claimed that their weight down drastically . But generally they are easy to feel thirsty . " I used to try anyway , but often really feel thirsty . Agency also weak , finally I tried other diet programs , " said Tephi , a university student at the end of a country .

Obviously so limp body after cutting salt intake . Salt itself is a source of iodine, which is essential for the body and can prevent the body exposed to mumps .

According to WHO , at least in a day , the recommended salt intake at least 1 teaspoon . Again in different European countries who advocated limit daily salt intake as much as 2 teaspoons .

Sure, excess salt intake is also not good for the body . Besides can cause dehydration , heart attacks , and strokes , also cause high blood pressure . However , that does not mean the overall salt intake must be stopped . For it is precisely at a time when people do not research shows eating salt cholesterol levels actually increased .

So how good is that?

Stopping salt intake can lead to the emergence of diseases and other problems in the body . However , reducing the amount of intake in the daily diet can help balance and maintain a healthy body .

Iodine levels in order to remain balanced and the body can lose weight , it needs to be done :

Reduce consumption of fried foods
Avoid frozen foods or instant , choose fresh foods
Avoid snacks with preservatives and high sodium
Add salt when cooking rice is an ancient habit alone . It will not change the flavor of the rice , so you do not have to do it again
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