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7 Ways to Keep Busy Ideal Weight While Working

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Busyness is quite dense in the office often makes people paid little attention to health and weight loss . Not to mention the offer for a good meal out with friends , object carried in the hand of pastries and snacks as well as the very practical food will make the body more fattening .Maintaining health and ideal weight is not difficult , even for those who spend most of his time in office . Start by applying these 7 healthy lifestyle in your daily life , as quoted from the Health Me Up .

1 . Do not Forget Breakfast
Breakfast is very important to increase the maximum energy in order to move in the morning and early afternoon . Besides breakfast also improves intelligence , do not feel tired and desire to reduce excessive snacking in between meals. A good breakfast should contain carbohydrates , protein , fiber and healthy fats .

2 . Sports in the Morning
Activity in the morning makes you more consistent and discipline to fitness or the gym every day . Besides jogging , walk, aerobics or cycling on an empty stomach in the morning can also help burn fat and calories more .

3 . Appetite Control
In order to control the excessive appetite , you must first understand what causes hunger ; physical or emotional factors ? If physical factors ( eg feeling hungry when only spent a plate of rice and side dishes ) try to switch to doing games , read books , manicure - pedicure , or play with the kids . Do it for 30 minutes and hunger will disappear .

4 . Healthy Snacks
Working in an office requires great energy and it is not enough just to have breakfast and lunch . You also need to put snacks in between meals. This is to avoid you eat too much at night . But pay attention to the type of food . Choose which contain fiber , low in calories and low in sugar . For example, almonds , peanut butter sandwich , yogurt and fruit , whole grain crackers or fruit .

5 . Drink Enough Water
The adequacy of body fluids do not have to always be 8 glasses of water a day . But it should be taken at regular and frequent basis . How much water is needed , depending on the weight / lightness of the activities undertaken . With sufficient water needs each day , you can also avoid hunger ' false ' . Because thirst is often mistaken for hunger .

6 . Fruits and Vegetables
Based on the studies reported the Dietary Guidelines of America , adults need at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day , with 1.5 to 2 cups per serving. But it depends on the number of daily caloric needs and men and women can be different needs. Women in the age of 19-50 years are advised to eat 7-8 servings , while male 8-10 servings . And for those over the age of 50 years , recommended 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day . Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber which can aid digestion , making the stomach feel full longer and healthier body because the content of minerals and vitamins .

7 . Avoid Obesity Stomach
Sitting for long periods can make the rare move and tend to want to keep snacking . These activities can cause a person to accumulate fat in the abdomen . To avoid this , frequently standing from a chair and walk around the office . Grab a drink in the pantry with a walk alone , do not send the office boy . In his spare time , you can also run or cycling .
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