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Movement 5 Quick Exercises to Tighten Buttocks

Tighten Buttocks
Getting beautiful buttocks is not as difficult as you might think . As quoted from Realsimple , do not need to exercise for hours at the gym to get it . Take a quick isometric exercise for 15 minutes . How? This isometric movements that you can practice at home . Perform each movement as much as four to eight times ( more is better ) . 

1 . Full Leg Contraction
Start with wide squats , ie widen your legs , bend your knees to a 90 degree angle . Lift the heel of the right foot while the right foot stressful . Hold that position for four seconds . Do the same movement on the left leg . 
Full Leg Contraction

 2 . Glute Squeeze
Stand with feet shoulder width apart . Tense your buttocks muscles as much as possible , hold and feel the contractions for four seconds . Repeat up to 4-8 times .
Glute Squeeze

3 . Hamstring Curl
Standing in front of a wall or chair . Put one hand on a wall or chair as support . Lift your right leg back as he straightened his back . Hold the contraction arising up to four seconds . Repeat with left leg .
Hamstring Curl

4 . Standing Abduction

Begin the movement by moving the feet shoulder-width apart . Lift your right leg to the side until your thighs form a 45 degree angle with the left foot . Point your toes downward until it is perpendicular to the floor . Tighten buttocks muscles for four seconds . Perform well on the left leg .
Standing Abduction

5 . Standing Adduction

Standing like Abduction , this movement begins with feet shoulder-width apart . Lift up the front of the thigh to form a 45 degree angle . Cross your right leg to the left and point the toes down until it is perpendicular to the floor . Hold for four seconds and repeat with the left leg .
Standing Adduction

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