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Benefits of Sleep , Preventing Overweight and Make Smart

Benefits of Sleep , Preventing Overweight and Make Smart
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klinta.blogspot.com - Do you already maintain the quality of sleep every day ? Average adults need 7-8 hours of sleep every day for . Although these activities are considered lazy and a waste of time , enough sleep will give good impact to health . Launched by the Better Sleep Better Life , here's some of the benefits of sleep .

Improving Immune

When asleep , the body will repair damaged cells simultaneously producing additional protein molecules that help strengthen the ability of a person against infection . In other words , sleep will boost your immune system and repair damaged cells .

Maintain Heart Health

When someone runs day-to- day activities , the cardiovascular system ( heart and circulatory system ) will work continuously under pressure . During sleep , the cardiovascular system work will be reduced . Enough sleep every day to maintain heart health , maintain blood pressure , control the amount of bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of stroke .

Reduce Stress and Prevent Anger

Lack of sleep can lead to a person's emotions and become irritable . With enough sleep , then one would be quieter , have better emotional , as well as lower levels of stress . Do not underestimate the stress due to the pressures of life or matter at hand . Stress can trigger high blood pressure , migraine , accelerate the aging process and harm the heart .

Improve Memory and Concentration

Learn to not sleep before the exam or test is the wrong choice . Sleep will make a person more concentration the next day , making it easier to solve the problem and improve one's understanding . Sleep can also improve one's memory . So , if you want to test a success , learned a few days earlier , and sleep well .

Maintain Weight Loss

Sleep helps regulate the hormones responsible for controlling appetite . Research shows that sleep deprivation affects the increase in appetite . Unfortunately , increased appetite that tends to refer to fatty and high-calorie foods cause obesity .

Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Various studies point to the fact that lack of sleep can lead to type 2 diabetes . The Research Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School showed that they were up to 4 hours of sleep every night will make the glucose is processed more slowly . While those who slept less than 5 hours per day increases the risk of diabetes .
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