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Want to Slim Body ? Choose These Foods to Eaten Most First

Want to Slim Body ? Choose These Foods to Eaten Most First
It is difficult to control eating and easily tempted by delicious food in the form of a restaurant or buffet ? Do not worry , recent studies have found an easy and effective way to resist the desire to overeat .

Researchers in the U.S. found that eating healthy foods such as fruit , salad or yogurt as an appetizer can lead people to choose healthy also for the main course or the next menu . This method not only reduces your calorie intake , but also make people less interested in eating fatty and high calorie foods .

On the other hand , dieters who start eating the junk food , tend to eat 31 percent more food when switching to the main course . The study was conducted by Dr. Brian Wansink and Dr. Andrew Hanks from Cornell University that said , the first menu we eat will affect two thirds of food contents will we do next .

The study was conducted by asking respondents to line up in front of the buffet breakfast which provides seven menu . There are two tables with different menu options , a distance of 15 meters apart .

The first line in the table presented sequentially cheese eggs , hash browns , bacon , cinnamon rolls , granola, low-calorie , low-fat yogurt and fruit last . While in the second table , the fruit is on the order front , then low-fat yogurt , low-fat granola , eggs, cheese , hash browns , bacon and cinnamon rolls .

Once ushered into the room , 124 respondents were free to choose their preferred breakfast one buffet table available . But they are only allowed to take one time at one of the buffet table .

The researchers found , the order of the food served at the buffet food which greatly affects the respondents choose . A total of 86.4 percent of respondents took the fruit when it is presented first in the buffet . But only 54.8 percent who took the fruit when it is presented in the final sequence .

Meanwhile 75.4 percent of respondents took the egg cheese when served at the front , while only 28.8 per cent who chose while on back order . Dr. Wansink said, the first three foods that someone took from the buffet table meets 66 percent of the total contents of his plate . Whether it contains high and low calorie foods .

There is also a pretty interesting relationship between the first food that was served with what respondents taken thereafter . Researchers refer to it as a ' trigger effect' or a trigger effect . The person who took the first egg cheese , tend to fill the plate with fatty foods as well as french fries and bacon . But the person who took the first fruit not choose to eat the next meal .

" Taking unhealthy food in advance would trigger people to choose high-calorie foods and tasty , but the lack of nutrition , " said Dr. Andrew .

Therefore , the two researchers suggest to always start the meal with a salad of vegetables or fruit so that 2/3 of your plate will be filled with lots of healthy food .
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