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Healthy Eating Habits of Different Countries enviable

Healthy Eating Habits of Different Countries enviable
The Japanese and Chinese are the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world . Most people there can live up to age 90 years and over and still be able to daily activity . While the French entry in the list of the third healthiest state in the world after Japan and Australia . Want to know a secret they could live a healthy life for a long time ? This healthy eating tips from various countries , as quoted from the Canadian Living .

1 . Japan
According to the Organisation of Economic Co - operation and Development , the rate of obesity in Japan the lowest in the world. Only 4 percent of the total population of the country are considered obese . The Japanese embraced philosophy called hara hachi bunme , ie stop eating before satiety . The Japanese also used to serve their food in small plates that tend to eat less . Japanese food is very colorful which comes from vegetables , rice , tofu and fish, fisheries are a source of healthy protein and omega - 3 fatty acids .

2 . China
Traditional Chinese cuisine is composed of materials more or less similar to the Japanese culinary more rice , vegetables and soy -based foods . The Chinese use a lot of garlic in cooking . Material which is not only one flavor of food but also has many health benefits because it is rich in allicin ; substances that have antibacterial and antioxidant effects to control blood sugar levels and prevent blood vessel blockage . Drinking green tea also make Chinese people away from cancer and heart disease because it contains antioxidants that help prevent cell damage due to aging .

3 . French
The French have a habit of eating dinner with the family to enjoy a wide variety of home cooking . The food is part of their social interaction . They emphasized the importance of eating slowly and not spend it all in one mouthful . They eat at least 20 minutes for the stomach to provide satiety signals to the brain to stop eating .

4 . Mediterranean
Mediterranean -style diet is considered as one of the healthiest diet ever. People in the Mediterranean region is accustomed to eating a lot of fruits , vegetables , pasta , rice , grains and fish . Whole wheat became their main meal and eaten with olive oil is rich in unsaturated fats ; efficacious to reduce the risk of heart disease and normalize cholesterol in the blood .

5 . Sweden
Swedish people eat a variety of foods in a day . Starting from a variety of meats , salads , pickles and much more . Eat a varied diet is important to meet the nutritional needs and train the tongue to know the different flavors and textures . In addition they also prefer to eat whole food , not processed foods that use sugar , fat and salt is also much less .

6 . Korea
Korean cuisine is one of the healthiest foods in the world . Each dish is almost nothing that exceed 600 calories and most processed with boiled , steamed , grilled and sauteed . So they rarely cook with lots of oil though there are several menu mixed with deep -fried technique . One of the distinctive food , Kimchi , it contains a lot of minerals , vitamins and fiber . Koreans also eat lots of vegetables ranging from mushrooms , potatoes , cabbage and green foliage . They also like to eat spicy and rich spices are efficacious accelerate the body's metabolic system . Snacks are also fairly healthy Koreans . They do not like to eat potato chips but prefer the potatoes boiled or grilled squid .
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