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How to Burn Calories While You Sleep Too Much

How to Burn Calories While You Sleep Too Much
Losing weight not only can be done when you diet and exercise . Burning calories it also can be done during sleep . While asleep , your body will continue to burn calories and excess fat , if routinely perform this bedtime ritual , as quoted from Life Mojo .

1 . Early Dinner
Straight to bed after dinner makes digestion process is not running perfectly . This habit not only makes fat accumulate , but also disrupt the digestive system that can cause constipation and acid reflux . Eat your dinner early, at least 3 hours before bedtime . That way , the body has enough time to digest the food perfectly .

2 . Physical Activity After Dinner
While waiting for three hours before sleep , use that time to walk around for a while after dinner . Do not need all the way , can the complex around the yard or around the house . This activity will help the digestive system function better , and increase your body's metabolism during sleep later .

3 . Drink Green Tea or a Warm Lemon Water
Green tea contains high antioxidant and lemon . Antioxidants serve to protect the body from free radical damage , which lowers the body's metabolism . Drinking green tea or warm lemon water before bed helps you maintain the condition of the body and burn fat while sleeping . Two of these drinks can also detoxify the body , so you feel refreshed and energized when you wake up tomorrow morning .

4 . Sleep 7-8 hours a day
Research has proven that good quality sleep is essential for the health of the whole body . People who have sleep disorders , metabolism is slower and more prone to gaining weight . When the need for adequate sleep , you will have a good body metabolism up all day in the evening . Good cell activity during sleep can reduce stress and refresh the body .

5 . Meditation
Sleep , it is time you calm and relaxed and not thinking about work piling up in the office or meeting the next day . Sleep with anxiety and restlessness will damage the mental and physical health . To prevent this from happening , try to practice meditation or relaxation techniques before bed to relieve stress - which could potentially lead to obesity . Remember , quality sleep will result in a healthy body .
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