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Lightweight 4 Exercises to Trim Fat Arm

Lightweight 4 Exercises to Trim Fat Arm
Fat that accumulates on the arm can make you look less attractive so that you are not so confident. Everyone will want to have a slim and toned arms , but for it to do a bit of effort .

No need fitness in the gym or sports if you do not have the time . Some simple exercise can help you burn fat in the arms , and can be done anywhere even while at the office .

1 . Jump Rope
Jump rope is one form of cardio exercise . Not only burns a lot of calories and fat , but this exercise also helps form a sexy and toned arms . Do it 150 times leap every time you exercise for maximum results .

" Jump rope affects the hand muscles when you jump and move the hands in a circle . This exercise increases the activity at hand , " said Gautham Kumar , a fitness expert , as quoted by the Times of India .

2 . stretching
  • Stretching should be done not only to warm up before fitness or exercise . But it needs to be done every day if you want to form a strong arm and sagging fat free . According to Gautham , stretching arms build muscle burn fat at the same time . You can do it on the sidelines of office hours , after a meeting or working on a report .

3 . Rotate Wrists
This mild exercise affects the shoulder and forearm . Hold a dumbbell with one to two pound weight in each hand . Open the legs shoulder-width apart . Raise your arms parallel to the front of the shoulder or chest , wrist and rotate clockwise and vice versa alternately .

4 . Pull - ups
You can use the door , rope or pole to perform this exercise . Raise both hands above her head and holding onto the top side of the door , pole or rope . Your body weightlifting using both hands earlier, hold a few seconds and then lower again . Do it 20 times , short break and then do 20 times longer . For beginners , do this exercise for 10 minutes every day .
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