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These Steps To Stay Slim Without Sports

These Steps To Stay Slim Without Sports
Sports became one of the keys to having an ideal body . But when you have a myriad of activities would be difficult to divide the time to exercise . There are several steps that can be done to keep the body stay slim without exercise . Improve the lifestyle and habit breakfast is one way . What are other ways that can make awake weight without exercise ? Check out the description as quoted from the Red Book .

1 . Vegetable
Make sure half of your food portions filled vegetables . Vegetables contain fiber and water that will facilitate digestion and maintain your body weight .

2 . Small servings
If you want to stay slim , always message your food in small portions . Nutritionists , Stephanie Middleberg , MS , RD , CDN advised to always order the small size , good for coffee , soup , or frozen yogurt .

3 . Salads or Soups
Before getting to the main menu , do not forget to order a salad or a soup than a basket of bread or other . Salads and soups contain fewer calories but can fill the stomach , so you do not need to eat a lot of the time the main meal came out later .

4 . Leave Food
Before starting to eat , make it a habit to set aside a quarter of your food portions . For the rest of your meal with friends or family when eating together .

5 . Drink Lots of Water
Sometimes you do not realize if you are really hungry or just thirsty ? For that , try drinking a glass of water every time you feel like eating something . You can also add lemon juice to taste and extra vitamins .

6 . Avoid Eating at Home TV
When watching the film , it is nice if accompanied by a favorite snack . But without realizing it , you will continue to chew and hard to stop eating . If the stomach feels hungry while watching , grab snacks or eat fiber -rich fruits .

7 . wheat
Consuming foods that contain whole grains such as whole wheat bread , would be better than ordinary bread . Wheat will make the stomach full longer , keeping blood sugar levels and give the body vitamins and minerals . In contrast to bread made ​​from wheat flour that will turn into fat if not burned immediately .

8 . breakfast
Before starting the daily activities , do not forget to have breakfast . Breakfast is useful for metabolic processes and also prevents you to consume excess calories at night .

9 . Avoid Eat Sleep Toward
Another way to maintain weight is to not eat before you sleep . Calories provide energy to the body , and you do not need the energy when sleeping .

10 . Do Consumption of Sugar Sachet
Enjoy coffee or tea will taste less sweet without sugar . But avoid using sugar packs or sachets . Just one teaspoon of sugar if you want to add sweetness to your drink , or could also replace sugar with honey or maple syrup .

11 . snack
Before going for a walk with the closest , make sure you eat something like fruit or vegetables so that the stomach does not feel empty . If you go with an empty stomach , you will order more food than you need .
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